Travellin’ Shoes

Title : Travellin’ Shoes
Release Date : August 1, 2015
Format : CD

I think of Australia as home now although this is not where I started out. It’s always interesting to look back on the journey, though. Some days I wonder at how I got from the streets of New York to the back woods of Oregon, from the beaches of South Australia to the fishing fleet in Kodiak and of course eventually settling down with Dianne to raise Quarter Horses, wheat, sheep, puppies and a couple of awesome kids on our farm in SA’s Mid North. I was often playing music in bands or duos but mostly solo in small venues or around the kitchen tables of close friends who wanted to know the stories of the songs I sang. These are songs of two countries, of contrasts and commonalities, of observations and experiences, of joy and regret, of friendship and the good fortune to have been able to lead the life I have.