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It’s one thing to write a few songs you think may have some promise and maybe even scrape up the courage to pop them into set lists at gigs to gauge interest. It’s quite another to contemplate how to really make them into something good enough for an album. Enter: Quentin Eyers. We go back a VERY long way.
His wonderful dad Viv hired me in Oregon to come out to work in Australia in 1974. Quentin was sixteen then and used to play at my coffee house, The Saint, in Glenelg. He’s been in the music industry all his life. I was looking for someone who not only was a genius at the technical aspects of recording and able to play just about anything you threw at them but I wanted someone with a producer’s ear, someone who could imagine with me what the songs could be. Quentin Eyers was that guy and a mate of forty years as well. Can’t thank you enough, Q the Music!