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Everybody needs a place to write songs, dont they? I’ve been lucky enough for the last 35 years to have been able to step out of our kitchen door and walk about eight paces to the threshold of the former Neales Flat Post Office, which serendipitously turns 100 years old, in this year of my first album launch.

I guess it has waited longer than I have to grace an album cover and we might all still be holding our breath if not for the encouragement of my family and friends who felt it was time for me to get on with it! Many of the songs on my new¬†album were written in this beautiful old stone building which has served us as spare bedroom, office, reading room and always as a place to grab a guitar and play some music. It’s pictured here before ‘the makeover’.


Looks like mastering of the new album will be happening at Disk Edits in Adelaide on 7 July! Can’t wait!