Posted by Rachel Black on March 28, 2016 at 4:00pmSend Message View Blog
I was incredibly lucky to host the generous story teller, Mike Roberts on 19 March.
Mike arrived with more equipment than Jon English’s sound guys carried in and went to work setting up for not only himself but his daughter and his friends. Mike had generously organised to share the stage with 3 other amazing artists. I had 4 superb live musicians on the deck in one night.
Mike’s daughter Rosie Roberts and his friend Sue Baker sang for us and they both sang together with Mike, giving us a truly incredible experience.
Mike’s friend Quentin Eyers arrived and played the guitar, the piano and the banjo and joined Mike in the second set. It was a night of surprises after surprise as more and more talent took to the deck.
The evening was filled with music and stories; humorous and sometimes serious with each adding a little more magic to the night.
Thank you Mike!