Three-Two-Three video

One cold night in December 1969 I sat around a table in upstate New York with five friends. We listened to a live radio broadcast of the conscription lottery of 365 birthdates as they were randomly selected to choose who would go to Vietnam. If your number was less than 195 you were likely to be called up, higher and you could ‘get on with your life.’ My draft number was 323.

Photos by: Mu Young, Matt Krumins, Barrie Hocking, Chris Liddiard and Mike Roberts

A Little House Concert, anyone?

House ConcertHome concerts are taking off with benefits for both hosts and artists. Now that the new album is a reality for me, I’m looking at moving into this space as an alternative to the usual pubs, clubs and festivals that Indie musos use to promote their music. Home concerts can work in your lounge room, your backyard or your shearing shed! If you’re interested in HOSTING a donation-based CONCERT at your place, for your friends to hear some of my original music and the stories that inspired it, then we should talk! Got to be more fun than another night in front of the tellie! You can PM me on Facebook or email at